Highly Experienced Shower Re-Sealing Professionals Perth

Experience the relief that comes with a good shower sealing service, particularly one completed by Shower Solutions, Perth’s premium shower re-sealing experts!

A shower leak can be extremely common, and if showers are not sealed and protected adequately, they can lead to structural damage caused by dampening.

By utilising state- of-the-art products, we ensure that all re-sealing is completed accurately and in a timely manner for your convenience! Our process has been designed to stop shower leaking problems and allows you to breathe a little easier, knowing that your bathroom received the maintenance it deserves. Our team place a strong emphasis on customer care, and we ensure minimal disturbance to your day.

While the Shower Solutions team are attending to your leaky showers, your day will run smooth and uninterrupted. It is imperative that the correct diagnosis is achieved upon our inspection. Our service includes a free on-site inspection to see what is wrong with your shower and what parts have seen some rough years through aging or poor maintenance.

The benefits of shower re-sealing:
  • Sealing grout makes your shower more water-resistant and therefore less susceptible to damage. Keep your shower looking and performing as good as new with a good shower sealing service!
  • Eliminate mould and mildew! Sealing your grout makes it waterproof and therefore prevents the growth of unwanted mould. Remember, mould and mildew grow on warm and damp surface and without moisture you will be spared from the hard task of cleaning your shower

Allow us to inspect your bathroom in ways you never thought to look! Give us a buzz today on 0437 107 774 and ask for a free on-site quote.