Leaking Showers

Why Does Your Perth Home Have a Leaking Shower?

One of the biggest culprits with leaking showers is the grout that is used to seal your shower tiles. Grout will deteriorate over time, and with any other home maintenance, if the grouting in your bathrooms is not attended to problems can arise. Below we have provided additional information on grout and grouting to help you understand the problems that lead to you requiring bathroom shower grout repairs and regrouting.

Leaking Shower Caused From Natural Deterioration Of Grout

Eventually, all grout will break down in a shower recess because water is constantly eroding away the grouting in your shower. How long till your shower grout leaks, depends on; the skill of the original tradesperson, the amount of use your shower has had and how well the shower recess grouting has been maintained over the years.

Leaking Shower Caused From Structural Movement

If a building structure is put under stress causing movement, then a shower recess could be susceptible to cracked corner joints and cracked tiles. This would then leave the shower recess with gaps and cracks allowing water to pass into the slab and the surrounding walls.

We can re-grout your leaking shower recess:

Leaking Shower Caused From Poor Tiling Design

When a shower recess is tiled the tradesperson must be very accurate with the placement and level of the tiles. The tradesperson needs to ensure an even fall from where the wall tiles meet the floor tiles so that the water runs towards the drain hole. Poor floor tile levels can be identified if water is pooling on the floor and in the corner joints. When tiled correctly, the floor tile should be recessed under the wall tile and have a slight fall towards the drain hole.

We can seal your leaking shower recess:

Leaking Shower Caused From Silicone In Corner Joints

Many tradespeople are using high-grade silicone to seal corner joints of a shower recess instead of the traditional method of using grout. We have seen many issues arise because of this change. Shower Solutions staff have inspected many new homes and recently renovated bathrooms where the shower leaks are due to the silicone seal failing or deteriorating too quickly.

Leaking Shower Caused From Lack of Plumbing Maintenance

To extend the life of grout in a shower recess your must always make sure that you check for leaks in your tap fittings and shower head regularly. If water is constantly pooling at the bottom of the shower then your grout will deteriorate faster.

Shower Solutions has been repairing leaking showers in Perth for many years, leaving tiled areas looking cleaner and newer. Trusted by many homeowners in Perth, we provide cost-effective sealing solutions to water leakage issues that are causing damage to your home.

Our experienced technicians will provide intensive, long-term solutions to your shower issues. After assessing the shower area for any plumbing problems, our technician will strip out existing sealants and grout to ensure clean surfaces. The technician will then clean and prime with sealer all the handles, taps, and the surrounding surfaces. One of our technicians will then use high-grade silicon to seal all wall and floor angles, areas around the waste outlet, the lower tiles, and those in the shower base. The technician will let the silicon dry so you can use the shower the following day.

In just one day, Shower Solutions will solve all your leaky shower issues and repair your shower with a shower repair quality that will last years! Call us now at 0437 107 774 for a free on-site quote.