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Shower Solutions use the most advanced shower regrouting repair tools in Perth. With our 15+ years industry experience in sealing and repairing showers, we provide a leaky shower re grouting service without removing a single tile!

When it comes to repairing leaking showers and shower regrouting for houses and properties across the Perth region, Shower Solutions have become the preferred choice for home and property owners because we specialise solely in leaky shower sealing, and shower repairs

To make sure that you get the very best results, our shower repair experts only use the most advanced shower repair and tile regrouting repair tools. With our industry experience in sealing showers and state of the art leak diagnostic equipment, we provide a leaky shower repair services in Perth that are second to none – and without needing to remove a single tile!


In just one day, Shower Solutions will solve all your leaky shower issues.

Shower Repairs

We can re-grout your leaking shower recess, as well as seal your leaking shower recess, plus much more.

Leaking Showers

One of the biggest culprits with leaking showers is the grout that is used to seal your shower tiles.

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Quite often any damaged caused by a leaking shower is hidden and only shows up through a thermal imaging inspection.

Shower Re-Sealing

A shower leak can be extremely common, and if showers are not sealed and protected adequately, they can lead to structural damage caused by dampening.

Tile Re-Grouting

Your shower will be good as new and ready to use within 36 hours from the time of

Facetime/Video Call

We can facetime/video call you from your home and provide a quote.

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