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This leaking shower recess had not been used for many years because the old grout had deteriorated causing the shower to leak badly. The shower recess was located upstairs and the water damage from the old leaking grout had traveled down into the ceiling of the ground floor.

Every grout line was mouldy, deteriorated and there was cracks in the corner joints.

Once we had completed the tile re grouting in the leaky shower you can see from the photos below the sealed shower looks great.

To repair the leaky shower every grout line had to be stripped out and then replaced with our grout. After this we then applied a penetrating sealer to all the new grout as to reduce water absorption.

It’s not always the tiles that make an area look ugly, but the discoloured, unsightly grout. To help improve the overall appearance of your bathroom, one of our technicians will remove the grout from around the tiles using a specialised mechanical tool.

Shower Solutions offers shower regrouting in Perth, aiding in control of bacterial activity, mould, and fungi. It’s ideal for high humidity areas, such as shower stalls and bathrooms. Our solution won’t wear out and wash off easily, giving protection throughout the lifetime of the grout.

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