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Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to do before we arrive?

  • Make sure all taps and shower heads are not leaking and they turned off tight.
  • Please clean the shower recess a few days prior to your booking, removing any soap scum from tiles.
  • 24 hours before your booking dry the shower with a towel
  • Please remove all soap, shampoo and bathing products from the shower recess.
  • Please remove all loose items from the bathroom.

What you need to do after we leave?

  • Please do not shower for a minimum of 24 hours on completion of the job
  • When you have your first shower you will need to wipe the shower down with a soft cloth
  • We strongly recommend you dry the inside of the shower recess out with a towel after each use. By removing the moisture from your shower you will help prevent mould build up.

When and how do I repair the damaged walls?

For Plaster

Shower Solutions recommend that any repair work to walls should be completed by a professional. However if you are up for the challenge then read below, we have explained briefly what needs to be done.

Make sure you allow a least six months for the walls to dry completely out before attempting to repair the damaged walls.

Scrape off all the damaged surfaces on the walls, like peeling paint, dry bubbled areas and any deteriorated  plaster straight after we leave. This will help your walls dry faster. If you just leave the walls to dry on there own it will take longer to dry as any paint on the wall will retain moisture.

When it comes time to repair the walls allow a few days to complete the process because applying a coating of any product over a slightly wet surface will cause further damage.

Sand back the problem areas, then fill with new plaster. Once the new plaster is dry sand back that as well so you are left with a nice straight wall again.

Apply a wall primer to the damaged areas letting it dry completely. Repeat the coating to ensure the surface is primed.

Once all the above steps are completed you are then safe to re paint your walls again.

Your Perth Shower Repairs & Shower Regrouting Questions Answered

Over the years that Shower Solutions have been providing leaking shower repair and shower regrouting services to our Perth based clientele, we have been asked many questions about what you, the customer, need to do. To hopefully make your life a little easier we have answered the questions that we are most frequently relating to our Perth shower repairs and shower regrouting services. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to ask us for help.

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