What is Grout?

All About Grouting

Grout is a type of mortar used to fill joins in between tiles. It normally consists of water, cement, and sand; or cement and water. It is Applied in semi-liquid form spread into joints. Once hardened, the grout creates a water-resistant seal.

The two main types of grout are epoxy and cement-based grout. Shower Solutions uses cement based grout because we believe there are too many disadvantages when using epoxy grout.

Disadvantages of Epoxy Grout

  • Once epoxy grout has hardened it is practically impossible to remove.
  • If your house sustains any structural movement causing the joints to open up repairing the area becomes very difficult and expensive.
  • Epoxy grouts are hazardous and should be handled with extreme care.
  • Epoxy grout is expensive even when the cost of sealants and other additives are taken into account.
  • Epoxy grout can cause serious discoloration to certain surfaces

Advantages of Cement Based Grout

  • Any repair work can be undertaken with ease and is cost effective
  • Most tradesman are familiar with cement based grout
  • Cement based grout additives on the market today are very effective in resisting water.
  • Cement based grout can be sealed for extra water resistance.
  • Cement based grouts today are sanitised and mould resistant

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