Shower Repair Perth

We can re-grout your leaking shower recess:

This process starts by carefully removing any old grout using a specialised power tool with a diamond tipped blade. Once all the old grout is removed and vacuumed up we regrout your shower with a new stronger grout that contains a liquid grout additive. The best part is we don't need to remove any tiles providing there are no loose or cracked tiles.

We can seal your leaking shower recess:

By applying a penetrating sealer to all grout it increases water resistance.

We can re-silicone your shower screen and bench tops:

Eventually silicone seals lose their anti mould properties and deteriorate, creating a fertile environment for mould.

We always conduct our tile regrouting in a professional manner:

  • We always return grouting phone calls and emails.
  • We always arrive on time to quote on the leaky shower repair, if we are delayed we will contact you.
  • We always call before visiting your house, to let you know we are on our way.
  • We always lay drop sheets down before any shower grout removal takes place, making sure your house is protected.
  • We always clean up our tile regrouting mess once the job is finished. Making sure your shower looks great after the shower repair. 
  • We always return to any leaky shower regrouting job, upon your request.

We use the highest quality tiling grout:

All our grout is mixed with an acrylic based additive to increase the flexibility and bond strength of cement based grouts. We use the same strength grout in our leaking shower repairs as used in swimming pools to ensure your leaking shower is sealed properly.

Significant points to note about Shower Solutions tile regrouting methods:

  • Increases the shower recess grouts flexibility
  • Increase's the shower recess grout's resistance to water
  • Our shower recess grout additive is easy to use and only needs to be diluted with water.
  • Increases the hardness of cement grouts, making them suitable for heavy traffic areas like shower recess's

We use the highest quality shower regrouting tools:

Our advanced leaky shower grouting power tools give you the most professional finish possible from each tile regrouting job. The benefits are:

  • Diamond blade shower regrouting  technology 
  • No chipped tiles 
  • Clean straight grout lines
  • Ability to cut deep into the old leaky grout lines 

In just one day, Shower Solutions will solve all your leaky shower issues.

Call us now at 0437 107 774 for a free on-site quote!